Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Leading Democrat Supports a CJ Scalia?

Today's Washington Post reports that Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said "he could support [J. Scalia] to be chief justice of the United States because he is 'one smart guy.'" No one doubts Nino's brilliance. But, could you imagine Tom Daschle making such an endorsement? Senator Reid's support for Scalia is not that extraordinary, though. The Almanac of American Politics (2004, p. 987) says that Reid "has a conservative record on some issues . . . [h]e is against abortion . . . and has opposed environmental groups consistently on mining issues."Of course, liberals are freaking out. For comments on Senator Reid's statements (first aired on 12/05/04's "Meet the Press,"[get transcript here]), see Election Law blog and USD Law & Politics


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