Tuesday, December 21, 2004

NARAL Features Flash Media Short, "Creatures from the Far Right: Supreme Court Under Attack," Scalia as Judgezilla

In response to a "Supreme Court retirement looming," leftish activist group NARAL: Pro-choice America posted on its website a Flash media film short: "Creatures From the Far Right: Supreme Court Under Attack." The artful, but sophomoric film short was created in the style of a 1950's horror movie trailer, complete with fake film scratches and cheesy sound effects (filmed in "Lack-O-Vision"). Justice Scalia appears as "Judgezilla"- Godzilla's body with a picture of Nino as the head. I'm sure Scalia is proud to be so honored in the year of Godzilla's 50th anniversary. The film short ends with President Bush as "King Wrong" who"wields his brutish strength to pack the Court with extreme judges and overturns Roe v. Wade." Can the toy tanks and jet fighters of the Left save Roe from the monster Right!


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