Monday, December 20, 2004

People for the American Way Foundation: "Scalia Would Be Disastrous Supreme Court Pick"

In a 12/08/04 news release, Norman Lear's liberal People for the American Way Foundation ("PFAW") responded to recent media speculation on a potential nomination of Justice Scalia for Chief Justice of the United States. Commenting on what a "disaster" a Scalia court would be, PFAW President Ralph Neas said" Scalia’s entire 18-year Supreme Court record – including his temperament, his ethically questionable conduct, and his consistent tendency to allow his ideology to remake the law – would make a compelling case for his rejection by the Senate.” If Mr. Neas thinks the Senate will reject Scalia, then why is PFAW so worried?

If you visit PFAW's website, be sure to check out the foundation's May 2004 report titled "Courting Disaster." The report is chock-full of the usual liberal histrionics over the horrors of a Scalia-led Court.


Blogger c&d said...

"If Mr. Neas thinks the Senate will reject Scalia, then why is PFAW so worried?"
Mr. Neas is not quoted as saying he thinks "the Senate will reject Scalia," but there is a "compelling case" for his rejection. A compelling case presented to a Republican controlled Senate does not mean Scalia will be rejected. Is your reading comprehension really that poor?

Expressing concern and outrage over a poor pick for CJ is exactly how a rejection might result. It may seem odd to you, but the more fear and anger expressed of Scalia becoming CJ, the more likely he will not become CJ.

7:50 PM  
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