Monday, December 20, 2004

Washington Post: Some Clarification on Senator Reid's Support for Scalia

In the never-ending media hyperbole over Senate Majority Leader Reid's 12/05/04 statements on "Meet the Press" favoring a Scalia CJ nomination, Charles Babbington wrote a piece in yesterday's liberal Washington Post titled "Reid Vows to Stand Up to GOP" (free registration required). Babbington writes that news of the "Meet the Press" remarks "alarmed many liberal and abortion-rights activists who consider the staunchly conservative Scalia unacceptable."
The article quotes Senate Democratic Whip, Charles Durbin (Il.), who claims to have talked to Reid about his Scalia remarks. Durbin recalls that Reid asked people "to listen to what he [Reid] said." Babbington concludes after reviewing the 12/5 "Meet the Press" transcript "that Reid never clearly endorsed Scalia for chief justice, and he mixed praise for the justice's intellect with questions about his ethical behavior." The article concludes with quotes from Senator Reid, who hopes President Bush would "quietly show top Democrats a list of possible [CJ] nominees and say, 'I know you don't like any of them, but tell me who you like better than the rest.'"


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