Sunday, March 30, 2008

Enough Scalito, Already! Alito is no Scalia!

This blogger has had enough of Judge Samuel Alito, Jr., (the President's recent nominee to fill the Associate Justice position vacated by retiring Justice O'Connor) being referred to as Scalito. Most articles don't even mention that Alito and Justice Scalia share a common birthplace (Trenton, N.J.), ethnic heritage (Italian) and religion (Roman Catholic). (See, e.g., this article from That might be reason enough for the Scalito moniker. But most new stories focus on Judge Alito's political conservatism. The parade of horrors of a majority "conservative" Supreme Court sells papers. I think the term Scalito should be reserved for a food item test marketed by Taco Bell in California, which I learned about from this definition posted on Urban