Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Monday, April 14, 2008

Scalia Bobblehead a Real Hoot - but no longer available !!

The Greenbag: an Entertaining Journal of Law, a satrical law review for law review geeks, (i.e., an inside joke the rest of us aren't privy to) has finally issued the much-balyhooed Justice Scalia Bobblehead doll. (See annotated version, above.) Unfortunately, The Green Bag Editors makes it clear that no new subscribers can get the doll (or any of the other Justice Bobbleheads, for that matter). Here's the Editors' statement:

When you buy a subscription to The Green Bag, that is all you are buying – one copy of each issue of the journal for the duration of your order. Everything else we produce – books, pamphlets, recipes, toys, high and low art, and so on – is either a gift that may or may not be delivered to some or all of our subscribers . . .

Well, why the hell would anyone subscribe to that smug and sophomoric organ of pseudo-intellectual drivel? To get a friggin' Justice Bobblehead, of course! I'm not going to plop down $35 for the rag so that I might be included among "some or all" of the subscribers who "may or may not" get a Justice Bobblehead. And I would warn anyone viewing this blog to avoid subscribing - at least if or when The Green Bag changes its Justice Bobblehead subscription policy.

Admittedly, though, the J. Scalia doll is most excellent. Yes, Green Baggers, I'm through venting- you guys do have a sophisticated sense of humor. (Even if my fourth-tier law school educated mind misses the subtlety of some of your gags.) The bibelots that accompany the Scalia doll (e.g., the lemon, the wolf, etc.) are very clever, and symbolize the best of Scalia's opinions (read the annotations, above). My friend & fellow law librarian Uwe Beltz scored one. It now decorates his library desk. If piccolo Nino goes missing from Uwe's desk, this blogger will be numero uno on the most wanted list.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Alito Tries to "Distance Himself" from Scalia.

OK, I want this blog to contain thoughtful analysis and discussion of U.S. Constitutional law ala Scalia. So, I should be avoiding the vacuous crap served up by the mainstream media about U.S. Supreme Court Justice nominees. But that's why blogging is great - you have complete freedom to write what you want (provided, of course, the statements are non-libelous). And well, sometimes you just want to read People magazine rather than Yale Law and Policy Review. Mental masturbation instead of cerebral crunches. (That sounds sick!)

Anyway, this brain candy about Judge Alito from American Lawyer Media's Law.com news service (copy the rss feed here) titled, "Seeking a Degree of Separation from Scalia," is actually pretty substantive. Interestingly, the article notes, Judge Alito did not name Justice Scalia as his favorite Supreme Court justice of all time. Alito chose Justice William Brennan as his favorite. Yeah, right! Could you be more subtle with the spin - choose a moderate like Justice Harlan II or Powell, not Mr. Living Constitution himself! Do you think Senators Schumer and Kennedy really believe you!?

But at least the article mentions that Alito and Scalia share the same birthplace, ethnic heritage, and religion (as discussed in my prior post). That puts "Seeking a Degree" on a higher plane than the Entertainment Tonight-like pablum coughed up by the mainstream mass media.
Yes, I know, that sounds cynical. And I shouldn't talk, since I'm as guilty as anyone for licking up whatever is currently hyped in the media. But I will earnestly try to improve my postings with heftier content. It's just my brain hurts today!